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Membership Benefits

• Promotion ways:Email Blast, Press Release, We chat, advertisement and member news etc.

• Get business direct from CGL platform as overseas agent.

• Rate request system.

• Full-time Customer service.

• CGL LOGO Authority.

• Mobile application.

• Opportunity to attend CGL Conference Panel Discussion and be awarded during yearly global conference.

• Direct Business: CGL will give membership business opportunities according to different customers requirements and you will have membership advantages.

• Software : CGL Network will have NVOCC software. Our IT team is working on the same & in next few months time will be ready.

• CGL Also Running NVOCC.

• CGL NVOCC Network will cover BL insurance & empty container Insurance.

• Discussion & finalization of Standards of Operation Leg.

• You can do hazel free business with us.

• As and when the demand increases of the fleet the partners or agent must be ready to add additional 25 containers.

• Members can add freight rate vessel schedules , other information for business.

• Post agent request, inquiry, company cases in CGL member center.