Freight Forwarder Network | Membership to Join CGL Network

Freight Forwarder Network | Membership to Join CGL Network

About Us – CGL Network

CGL Network is one of the leading International Freight Forwarder network and NVOCC Network having 100+ qualified members globally. It is a network of competent and reliable Shipping & Logistics professionals with a clear vision to setup single member network which benefits to its international NVOCC community. CGL Network with long structured ideas formed the ultimate network with lots of vision and mission in our theory. Our focus is only to improve the quality of members and their business being the member in group. CGL Network offer unique agent per every country to a member within the group members.

This is how you will serve once you Join CGL Network (Freight Forwarder Network) as a members!!

  • Day to day Business Protection by using Network cargo and Insurance Program.
  • Access to online Bill of Lading Available on Website.
  • PPP Cover exclusively for CGL Network Members.
  • One to One meeting with all Global Partners during Yearly Conference.
  • Last but not least we help you in Expanding Your Business Globally.

Being a part of CGL Network gives the members huge confidence & trust towards the partners in running business with mutual benefits. We Have Around 100 Satisfied, Trusted and Valuable Network Partners from over 80 Countries and Planning to Expand Globally. We will be glad and honored if you represent us in our country, share business with our Network Partners and have shipments to & from your country. CGL Network provides all its members with a global interactive platform, offering an international alliance with expertise and years of experience.

Our Goal is to provide you the best Freight Forwarding Companies globally so that you can work peacefully on all your business with them which makes your work easier, saves your time and efforts to find well established companies & avoid losing your business and money. Our main intention is to capture the quantitative and qualitative benefits that can be tied to three freight operations strategies: increasing efficiency, improving reliability and service, more money guarantees and enhancing shipment integrity.

Join CGL Network (Freight Forwarder Network) And Expand Your Business Globally. We Provide Excellent Services With Security.

Benefits – Once you Join CGL Network (Freight Forwarder Network)!!

  • CGL BL Software
  • Chatting System
  • Rate Request System
  • Members can add fright rate vessel schedules, other information for business.
  • News Updates
  • Mobile Application

Future Plan of our Network

  1. Develop CFS (Cargo Freight Stations) in all the ports where we have active Member.
  2. Open Container Terminals for the stacking of empty stocks outside the port area.

We Also Aim To…

  • Continuously Offer Innovative and Reliable Logistics Solutions.
  • Independence
  • Mutual Trust
  • Equality
  • Responsibility

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The Task of Freight Forwarders in Exporting in International Business

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For Exporting in International Business, Here are the Main 5 Common Capacities performed by a Freight Forwarders in :


1. Offer Suggestions to the Exporter

  • The Freight Forwarder exhortation the Exporters about their duties and obligations according to law
  • They help the exporter in picking the most reasonable methods for cargo shipping; they likewise can anticipate the best freight shipping rates inland
  • They influence the Exporter to pick the most ideal approach to send their Merchandise
  • Give Stamping and Bundling Suggestions
  • Give Clarifications of Port Usefulness
  • Clarifies what Assignments they would perform and what the exporter would require to perform amid the Transportation Procedure
  • Check Import Permit, when required
  • Give Counsel on Methods for getting installment of sent out Merchandise
  • Educate ahead of time about the conceivable issues of Freight shipping
  • Give a Total Gauge of Fare
  • Comprehend and compose Letters of Credit
  • They may enable exporters to connect with the specialists of exchanges like universal showcasing, financing, worldwide saving money, marine protection and government trade
  • Most of forwarders utilizes a library to find out about different ports in the separate nation

2. Perform Freight Shipping Activity

  • Ensure that the “Freight Shipping” is leveled out and the merchandise are protected while in travel
  • Accelerate creation and conveyance
  • Channelizing the procedure of void holder to be sent/returned after filled in with the products
  • Picking the correct method of transportation, and transporter
  • Deciding the schedule
  • Manage booking and sending of the Shipment, which need uncommon contemplation like Port of Goal, ETA Goal required, Port of Fare, Size and kind of Compartment, and the Sort/Number of Bundles
  • Offer NVOCC combination office to exporters for FCL and LCL modes

3. Documentation in International Freight Shipping

  • Notarizes and guarantees the solicitations in the interest of the Exporter
  • A forwarder is additionally in charge of getting protection testament, assessment authentication, extraordinary traditions solicitations, and declaration of starting point
  • Forwarders get ready dock receipts, replenishing charge, distribution center receipt, and AID records
  • Some additionally help or plan business receipt, pressing rundown, send out permit, disadvantage shapes, consular solicitations, draft and shipper’s fare presentation for the exporters

4. Keep the Shipper Notified

  • Notification are generally sent to recipient, agent’s intermediary, and shipper
  • Inform the exporter for protection, L/C, contract, and installment
  • Track the shipment when need, and help the shipper fill guarantee and gain from the blunders made before

5. Send documents for collection

  • Send reports to shipper’s universal deals delegate, proctor or their representative, and to bank

Prior to couple of years, there was an absence of mindfulness about the job of Freight Forwarder Company in the worldwide Freight Shipping Industry. Today, this hole has been filled and Freight Forwarders are viewed as a key individual or substance in import and fare Business. With the developing troubles in the multi-purpose Transportation Framework, the Job of Freight Forwarder turns out to be increasingly pivotal in the business.

In Sydney, C.T. Freight is currently Opening another reason assembled E-Commerce Satisfaction Office in 2019.

The Australian and universal eCommerce industry is definitely developing. With a normal yearly development rate of 7.6% the income is required to develop from US$ 18,628m (2018) to US$ 26,905m by 2023.1 

C.T. Freight

C.T. Freight has been spend significant time in eCommerce satisfaction and express arrangements from the early beginnings. Because of the normal development and the expansion of eCommerce clients, C.T. Freight is currently opening another reason manufactured eCommerce satisfaction office in Sydney in mid 2019. 

Developing new and interesting arrangements has set C.T. Freight in a powerful and prime position. It resourced us to make answers for the consistently developing eCommerce advertise through our Express division, which changed over into an adaptable and maintainable fulfillment benefit, notwithstanding amid regular pinnacle periods. 

Real introductory interests in innovation and mechanized procedures prepared C.T. Freight to now deal with in excess of 4 Million packages every year. The broad and cutting edge framework and workplaces at all major doors into Australia and New Zealand have empowered C.T. Freight to offer both taking care of and innovative answers for a market that is quickly developing. 

The site is deliberately situated between Sydney’s air and ocean passages with sufficient street availability for the interstate and last mile organize. Reason worked for streamline efficiencies in cross-docking, it will interface the global inbound volumes to local last mile arranges inside hours. 

Throughout the years, we have fabricated our own multi-bearer last mile arrange (B2B, B2C). In synchrony with our own vehicles, we hold associations with a tremendous gathering of messengers and postal elements both residential and universally. Regardless of the span of your items, we can deal with little packages up to larger than usual freight.

The facility will accommodate clients such as inbound and outbound eCommerce retailers (e.g. fashion, health & beauty, homeware & appliances, hobbies & recreational goods), shopping cart aggregators, Reverse Logistics and will act as a 3PL for both domestic and international online retailers who require OTG (On The Ground) or drop ship operations.

The new development is a reflection of C.T. Freight’s commitment to its clients, the industry and its exceptional drive to continuously evolve and adapt to the needs of the market.

Forwarders Weigh Up Modular Choices As Space Deficiencies And High Costs Hit Airfreight

Cargo forwarders are searching for choices to airfreight as high costs and an absence of room have prompted them investigating different modes.

In its week by week showcase wrap up, rate entry Freightos said that other than the Asia-Europe exchange there had not been a pinnacle season for rates this year.

One reason for this, it stated, was that shippers’ view of airfreight being promptly accessible at a sensible cost endured a shot a year ago when the pinnacle season saw limit deficiencies and high as can be costs.

This has made not as much as holder stack sending an increasingly alluring choice in 2018, Freightos included.

Another forwarder situated in Europe said that rates were likewise high this year making airfreight a hard item to move, with clients leaning toward sea-freight if conceivable.

In the interim, in an article showing up in January’s Air Cargo News, a few cargo forwarders state that overland Asia-Europe rail administrations and ocean air activities are expanding in notoriety for the Americas and Africa.

“In light of limit requirements and the increments in airfreight costs that we’ve seen in the course of recent years, clients are substantially more open to investigating multi-modal choices if the timetables are not significantly affected,” watched Robert Reiter, CEO Southeast Asia of DB Schenker.

Higher fuel costs and the re-rise of fuel additional charges were likewise pushing up costs, the article additionally noted.

In a public statement, Panalpina likewise noticed that airfreight had been feeling the squeeze this year because of expanding costs and space requirements.

This comes in spite of airfreight development facilitating to 3-4% in 2018 contrasted and 10% in 2017.

The forwarder, which offers its own sanction arrange, said that transporters have overseen limit well throughout the most recent year, which prompted a lower offer of assignments and square space assentions and additionally higher rates to the tune of 15-20% on chose exchange paths.

For Panalpina, China to Europe, Europe to China, Europe to the US and China to the US were the most grounded airfreight exchange paths in 2018. US airfreight trades grew emphatically towards the year’s end.

Lucas Kuehner, Panalpina worldwide head of airfreight, stated: “The restrained limit the executives gave the bearers space to play in the spot showcase fully expecting higher rates and conceivably progressively alluring impromptu contracts amid pinnacle season.

“Subsequently, limit has been rare on chosen exchange paths. The couple of vessels that were conveyed in 2018 generally went to the integrator, adding to the limit crunch.”

looking forward, IATA is expecting airfreight development to moderate again in 2019 and payload stack variables to ease.


Differentiate Between Freight Forwarder & NVOCC

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Is there a major differentiate between Freight Forwarder & NVOCC? We do regularly hear this inquiry, that is the reason we investigate this inquiry with the accompanying article. Peruse everything about NVOCCs errands, authorizing and the distinctions to Freight Forwarders beneath. Anything we overlooked? Tell us and we’ll add it to the article.

What Exactly NVOCC do?

NVOCC [Non – Vessel Operating Common Carrier] is an organization that sorts out shipments for people or partnerships to get products from the maker or maker to a market, client or last purpose of dispersion. 

NVOCCs sign contracts with delivery lines to ensure the shipment of a specific number of compartments every year. Consequently, shipping lines offer positive rates to NVOCCs. 

Their fundamental errands bargains deals, staffing and transport of the holders to the explicit ports. Not with standing that, NVOCCs can issue their own Bill of Lading.

How Shipping Process happen? 

NVOCCs are in charge of the vehicles of merchandise from A to B. They are a one-stop search for shippers on the off chance that they need to move their items abroad and orchestrate everything from traditions to appointments and the real transport of merchandise. A commonplace shipment process incorporates the accompanying:

Arranging and upgrading development of freight from A to B utilizing numerous techniques for transport, for example, rail, street and ocean 

Transaction contract rates with transporters in the interest of the client 

Booking payload with the transporters under their very own cargo contract 

Planning and preparing all applicable delivery reports, for example, traditions, port documentation, traditions, send out assertion and bill of replenishing among others 

Issue their very own House Bill of Lading (HBL) 

Aside from the standard, shipment related undertakings, they likewise give consultancy and master exhortation to their clients identifying with the utilization of the right Incoterms and licenses, important to the protected transport of their products. 

Most NVOCCs offer warehousing administrations to their customers whether it is before shipment from port of stacking or after receipt of payload at port of release before dissemination to different territories. 

Some of the time they even re-appropriate warehousing to improve their benefit usage. More or less NVOCCs join information to dispatch freight over/cross outskirt for their customers.

NVOCC's 2019 Challenges

NVOCCs are as apprehensive about the future as some other sort of organizations nowadays. There is occurring a ton in the delivery business, from effect of innovation to the condition of worldwide economy and also legislative issues and worldwide exchange. These are probably the most basic ones:

Competition: Competition is warming up! Some portion of the reason is that numerous coordinations organizations that customarily characterized themselves as something unique are currently giving NVOCC administrations. 

Commoditization: Most shippers see transportation as a ware. All they care about is that their load gets from A to B. They put little an incentive on administrations and a ton on the value which makes it difficult for forwarders to emerge from the challenge. 

Sea Volatility: Ocean shipping is a truly precarious business, in view of muddled rates and non-straightforward contracts. The apparently irregular nature once in a while makes it difficult to comprehend their own cost structure and give precise and dependable statements to their clients. 

Rate of Change: An ongoing pattern for sea bearers is to shape unions. With no notice, these can influence the rates and contracts NVOCCs have with the bearers. 

For every one of these reasons, NVOCCs need to work more earnestly than any time in recent memory to separate themselves in their business. Similarly as essential as focused rates are giving clients better administration choices and innovation support to basic leadership. 

Differentiate Between Freight Forwarder & NVOCC

A great many people don’t understand the distinction among NVOCCs and Freight Forwarders. To effortlessly comprehend the distinction, we center around the three most vital focuses: 

Transportation Documentation: Freight Forwarders issue their very own bill of filling, for the most part dependent on institutionalized documentation made by the FIATA while NVOCCs issue their own bill of replenishing might be founded on any worldwide standard. 

Explicit Job: NVOCCs go about as bearer to the shipper and as shipper to the transporters (they are the go between and make 100% of the work for shippers) though Freight Forwarders act progressively like as a specialist to the shippers. 

Holders: That may be the greatest contrast, Freight Forwarders don’t possess any gear while most NVOCCs work their very own armada of compartments.

Our Next Global Conference 2020

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  • 1.Good news From CGL Network- Registration for our 11th Global Conference have started. Hurry Up and Register yourself for the same.

    2. We are happy to introduce our New Member into CGL Network from India-KMS LOGISTICS & SHIPPING Pvt. Ltd.

    3. We have started our own new office at Malaysia under the banner of – CG Lines SDN. BHD & it will be handling all activities of Freight forwarding, NVOCC & CGL Network .

    4. Congratulations Universal Vision Logistics Ltd (UVL) for getting IATA Certificate & wishes them all the best for future.

    5. Planning to Start NVOCC Operations under the Brand Name of CG Lines.