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About Freight Forwarding

Our Freight Forwarding is an Individual or Organization that sorts out shipments for people or enterprises to get products from the maker or maker to a market, client or Distribution’s final point. Forwarders contract with a transporter or frequently numerous bearers to move the products.

We does not move the merchandise but rather goes about as a specialist in the coordination’s organize. The transporters can utilize an assortment of transportation modes, including ships, planes, trucks, and railways, and regularly various modes for a single shipment.

Network Benefits

We are sure that you are already aware of some of the benefits that are exclusive to members of CGL Network are :

  1. CGLN – policy to have minimum of 3 Members each Country n Maximum of 5 Members but like China, USA, Russia n India due to size of the Country.

  2. CGLN – do not believe of having 50 + Members of each country for sake of Subscription fees like other Network whr no one know who actually getting business.

  3. CGLN – hosts Annual Conferences holding over 100 one-on-one pre-arranged face to face meetings for all the members at one location fm globally.

  4. CGLN – Opportunity to work with more than 100 member offices from 50 countries with a $15,000 financial protection.

  5. CGLN – Protect your day-to-day business by using CGLN – CGL Network & Cargo insurance program

  6. CGLN – Bill of Lading cover with reputed Insurance company in UK.

  7. CGLN – PPP (Payment Protection Plan) cover only those become Members of CGL Network (CGLN).

  8. CGLN – Creating an opportunity for you to meet and communicate with all Members / forwarders globally.

  9. CGLN – Creating an opportunity for you to find a reliable partner around the world under CGLN banner.

  10. CGLN – Creating an opportunity for you to build and increase trust among forwarders

  11. CGLN – Creating an opportunity for you to publicise your company and enhance awareness of company in global market.

  12. CGLN – Creating an opportunity for you to exploring more businesses round the globe under CGLN.

  13. CGLN – All the Members of CGLN must attend yearly conference to interact / exchange all thr views on business within Network members

Our Network Coverage