CGL Insurance

CGL Network Insurance offers the world’s most cost-effective and highest-quality insurance products for independent freight forwarding companies.
Partnering with leading Lloyd’s List-registered insurance broker FP Marine Risks, CGL Network Insurance has saved members thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands of dollars in insurance premiums. Thanks to the volume of business generated through the program and the quality of CGL Network members, FP Marine Risks is able to offer depth of coverage and low cost premiums that are just not available to SME forwarders on the open market. You can even use our unique online system to take out Freight Services Liability cover.
We are also able to offer each member company, through FP Marine Risks, a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of their insurance needs and create tailor-made products and quotes to meet their requirements at cost-effective prices.

Types of Insurance


CGL Network’s Freight Services Liability (FSL) insurance is a unique tailor-made product designed to protect members’ businesses as well as their agent and clients. FSL is purchased by freight forwarders and incorporates both Errors & Omissions (E&O) and legal liability cover. As the world’s first such online system, CGL Network’s FSL policies are far cheaper than any other comparable insurance, typically offering twice as much coverage at half the premium cost.


LEGAL liability cover is included in the FSL Program. The legal liability insurance is also a ‘first dollar legal defence’. This policy takes care of just about all the things that can go wrong – even those out of your hands.


CGL Network is able to offer all members the most cost-effective cargo insurance, tailor-made for each company’s needs. Cargo insurance is designed to protect your customers interests for the value of their cargo – as a result it protects the freight forwarder from potential claims involving the cargo. We can offer insurance programs for all types of cargo, whether by sea, land or air, travelling anywhere in the world.

  • Delivery of quotes, certificates and status reports directly to your desktop
  • Dedicated service teams for larger or more complex shipments
  • Cover for a full spectrum of cargoes and voyages
  • No deposit premiums or proposal forms
  • Competitively priced premiums
  • High, pre-authorized limits