CEO Message


CGL Network is set to be a dynamic and professional Network with a focus on quality not quantity. Membership levels are controlled by market in order to ensure that each and every members have the opportunity to participate fully & benefit from business growth through building & consolidating relationships with fellow members. The CGL Network aims to be the most dynamic global alliance of selected freight & logistics providers. We Members work in semi-exclusive territories, offering all members disciplined cooperation, with high service level expectations. All CGL members co-operate securely to grow their businesses, work together as network to reduce related costs, risks and focus their efforts on competing against the largest international companies because Our vision is to focused mindset and CGL capability.

It will take time in developing CGL Network as with all businesses, if we align our goals and each member understands the direction and expectation, development can be achieved quickly.

In past few years, I strongly believe that our Network has served its members with an unrealistic support.

We attempt to outperform all our member’s expectations through the effectual, well-organized and sustainable processes and services.

By becoming a member we want you to grow with trusted and guaranteed business partners. At CGL, we believe trust and integrity are the foundation for great business relationships.

Be involved, be excited and strive to achieve something that you have not yet achieved within your existing business or network. With the buy in and group mindset being aligned there are no limits to what we can achieve in bringing this network to the forefront of what many believe is now missing in this industry.

The network concept is very simple and we have created a platform so that everyone will have the potential to develop their business through the network.

We always strive for growth and trust- building, maintaining a constant communication with all members and always working to develop new benefits to our group.

Again I thank you for your membership and I look forward to working with you to assist you in your business.

Kind Regards,
6th Global Conference
Prem Bhanage