In Sydney, C.T. Freight is currently Opening another reason assembled E-Commerce Satisfaction Office in 2019.

In Sydney, C.T. Freight is currently Opening another reason assembled E-Commerce Satisfaction Office in 2019.

The Australian and universal eCommerce industry is definitely developing. With a normal yearly development rate of 7.6% the income is required to develop from US$ 18,628m (2018) to US$ 26,905m by 2023.1 

C.T. Freight

C.T. Freight has been spend significant time in eCommerce satisfaction and express arrangements from the early beginnings. Because of the normal development and the expansion of eCommerce clients, C.T. Freight is currently opening another reason manufactured eCommerce satisfaction office in Sydney in mid 2019. 

Developing new and interesting arrangements has set C.T. Freight in a powerful and prime position. It resourced us to make answers for the consistently developing eCommerce advertise through our Express division, which changed over into an adaptable and maintainable fulfillment benefit, notwithstanding amid regular pinnacle periods. 

Real introductory interests in innovation and mechanized procedures prepared C.T. Freight to now deal with in excess of 4 Million packages every year. The broad and cutting edge framework and workplaces at all major doors into Australia and New Zealand have empowered C.T. Freight to offer both taking care of and innovative answers for a market that is quickly developing. 

The site is deliberately situated between Sydney’s air and ocean passages with sufficient street availability for the interstate and last mile organize. Reason worked for streamline efficiencies in cross-docking, it will interface the global inbound volumes to local last mile arranges inside hours. 

Throughout the years, we have fabricated our own multi-bearer last mile arrange (B2B, B2C). In synchrony with our own vehicles, we hold associations with a tremendous gathering of messengers and postal elements both residential and universally. Regardless of the span of your items, we can deal with little packages up to larger than usual freight.

The facility will accommodate clients such as inbound and outbound eCommerce retailers (e.g. fashion, health & beauty, homeware & appliances, hobbies & recreational goods), shopping cart aggregators, Reverse Logistics and will act as a 3PL for both domestic and international online retailers who require OTG (On The Ground) or drop ship operations.

The new development is a reflection of C.T. Freight’s commitment to its clients, the industry and its exceptional drive to continuously evolve and adapt to the needs of the market.

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