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About Us – CGL Network

CGL Network is one of the leading International Freight Forwarder network and NVOCC Network having 100+ qualified members globally. It is a network of competent and reliable Shipping & Logistics professionals with a clear vision to setup single member network which benefits to its international NVOCC community. CGL Network with long structured ideas formed the ultimate network with lots of vision and mission in our theory. Our focus is only to improve the quality of members and their business being the member in group. CGL Network offer unique agent per every country to a member within the group members.

This is how you will serve once you Join CGL Network (Freight Forwarder Network) as a members!!

  • Day to day Business Protection by using Network cargo and Insurance Program.
  • Access to online Bill of Lading Available on Website.
  • PPP Cover exclusively for CGL Network Members.
  • One to One meeting with all Global Partners during Yearly Conference.
  • Last but not least we help you in Expanding Your Business Globally.

Being a part of CGL Network gives the members huge confidence & trust towards the partners in running business with mutual benefits. We Have Around 100 Satisfied, Trusted and Valuable Network Partners from over 80 Countries and Planning to Expand Globally. We will be glad and honored if you represent us in our country, share business with our Network Partners and have shipments to & from your country. CGL Network provides all its members with a global interactive platform, offering an international alliance with expertise and years of experience.

Our Goal is to provide you the best Freight Forwarding Companies globally so that you can work peacefully on all your business with them which makes your work easier, saves your time and efforts to find well established companies & avoid losing your business and money. Our main intention is to capture the quantitative and qualitative benefits that can be tied to three freight operations strategies: increasing efficiency, improving reliability and service, more money guarantees and enhancing shipment integrity.

Join CGL Network (Freight Forwarder Network) And Expand Your Business Globally. We Provide Excellent Services With Security.

Benefits – Once you Join CGL Network (Freight Forwarder Network)!!

  • CGL BL Software
  • Chatting System
  • Rate Request System
  • Members can add fright rate vessel schedules, other information for business.
  • News Updates
  • Mobile Application

Future Plan of our Network

  1. Develop CFS (Cargo Freight Stations) in all the ports where we have active Member.
  2. Open Container Terminals for the stacking of empty stocks outside the port area.

We Also Aim To…

  • Continuously Offer Innovative and Reliable Logistics Solutions.
  • Independence
  • Mutual Trust
  • Equality
  • Responsibility

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The Task of Freight Forwarders in Exporting in International Business

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For Exporting in International Business, Here are the Main 5 Common Capacities performed by a Freight Forwarders in :


1. Offer Suggestions to the Exporter

  • The Freight Forwarder exhortation the Exporters about their duties and obligations according to law
  • They help the exporter in picking the most reasonable methods for cargo shipping; they likewise can anticipate the best freight shipping rates inland
  • They influence the Exporter to pick the most ideal approach to send their Merchandise
  • Give Stamping and Bundling Suggestions
  • Give Clarifications of Port Usefulness
  • Clarifies what Assignments they would perform and what the exporter would require to perform amid the Transportation Procedure
  • Check Import Permit, when required
  • Give Counsel on Methods for getting installment of sent out Merchandise
  • Educate ahead of time about the conceivable issues of Freight shipping
  • Give a Total Gauge of Fare
  • Comprehend and compose Letters of Credit
  • They may enable exporters to connect with the specialists of exchanges like universal showcasing, financing, worldwide saving money, marine protection and government trade
  • Most of forwarders utilizes a library to find out about different ports in the separate nation

2. Perform Freight Shipping Activity

  • Ensure that the “Freight Shipping” is leveled out and the merchandise are protected while in travel
  • Accelerate creation and conveyance
  • Channelizing the procedure of void holder to be sent/returned after filled in with the products
  • Picking the correct method of transportation, and transporter
  • Deciding the schedule
  • Manage booking and sending of the Shipment, which need uncommon contemplation like Port of Goal, ETA Goal required, Port of Fare, Size and kind of Compartment, and the Sort/Number of Bundles
  • Offer NVOCC combination office to exporters for FCL and LCL modes

3. Documentation in International Freight Shipping

  • Notarizes and guarantees the solicitations in the interest of the Exporter
  • A forwarder is additionally in charge of getting protection testament, assessment authentication, extraordinary traditions solicitations, and declaration of starting point
  • Forwarders get ready dock receipts, replenishing charge, distribution center receipt, and AID records
  • Some additionally help or plan business receipt, pressing rundown, send out permit, disadvantage shapes, consular solicitations, draft and shipper’s fare presentation for the exporters

4. Keep the Shipper Notified

  • Notification are generally sent to recipient, agent’s intermediary, and shipper
  • Inform the exporter for protection, L/C, contract, and installment
  • Track the shipment when need, and help the shipper fill guarantee and gain from the blunders made before

5. Send documents for collection

  • Send reports to shipper’s universal deals delegate, proctor or their representative, and to bank

Prior to couple of years, there was an absence of mindfulness about the job of Freight Forwarder Company in the worldwide Freight Shipping Industry. Today, this hole has been filled and Freight Forwarders are viewed as a key individual or substance in import and fare Business. With the developing troubles in the multi-purpose Transportation Framework, the Job of Freight Forwarder turns out to be increasingly pivotal in the business.

Container-Line Transformation faces its Biggest take a look at from those Paying the Bills

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Container-Line Transformation faces its Biggest take a look at from those Paying the Bills

Shipping Lines Corporations are upgrading their offerings to draw in the premium business required to bolster the industry’s anemic margins. however it’s shippers, intermediaries, and helpful consignment house owners (BCOs) United Nations agency can render the ultimate judgment on the strategy, and also the jury remains abundantly out.

Led by the Danish big Maersk Line and French line CMA CGM, carriers are building end-to-end service portfolios that leverage their scheduled  sailings. These initiatives come back as liner operators announce modest in operation earnings in 2017 that followed massive losses in 2016. Volume growth has slowed this year due partially to fears, that appear to be changing into reality, of a trade war between the U.S. and China.

Carriers same they’re committed to ending their over reliance on rating regimes that have sacrificed margins on the altar of market share which have resulted in billions of greenbacks in losses. however such a dramatic shift to accentuation added services is inherently risky. It needs substantial investments in processes and technology, prices that require to be recouped by attracting new high-margin business. it’s unclear if users at home with enjoying low-cost rates on sailing services can select pricier, added solutions or would rather maintain the established order.

Transforming liner carriers into seafaring versions of nimble competitors may be a task. Maersk chief executive officer Søren Skou, United Nations agency printed a concept earlier this year to become a “global measuring system of instrumentation logistics” on a par with corporations like FedEx house., UPS Inc., and DHL specific, acknowledged that Maersk’s strategy, which can take 3 to 5 years to implement, is “pretty sophisticated, with multiple dimensions.”

CMA-CGM joined the added service fray last spring once it took a 25-percent stake in Dutch third-party supplying service supplier (3PL) Ceva supplying and same it’d enter into strategic agreements with the 3PL. “With this dealing, CMA CGM aims to grow its presence within the supplying sector, a business closely associated with shipping,” the corporate same once asserting the acquisition. In time period, CMA CGM won restrictive clearance of its investment

Shipping Container | Services


Box line users, for his or her half, provide the carriers marks for obtaining on the far side the speed wars and leverage their international networks to feature additional heft to the link. “What we have a tendency to like is carriers specializing [in] one thing aside from value,” same Peter Friedmann, administrator of the Agriculture Transportation Coalition, that represents agricultural and forest product exporters.

Underpinning the carriers’ strategy is that the belief that customers would pay additional for services like door-to-door delivery with period of time visibility, compliance labeling, kitting, offer chain services (design, planning, management, improvement, and increased visibility and control), customs brokerage, and reposition and distribution. This, in turn, would permit carriers to interrupt the regeneration of dependency on low freight rates. “We need to create a business that may deliver smart returns, additional consistent returns than what we’ve got these days, providing high money yields and ready to grow each revenue and earnings on a less volatile basis,” Skou same.

A potential obstacle is carriers’ neutral/in-house nonvessel-operating carrier (NVOCC) affiliates, like Maersk’s Damco or Japanese carrier NYK Line’s Yusen supplying, doubtless antagonistic giant freight forwarder accounts. These 2 entities conceivably might each obtain to produce competitory added services, the forwarders’ bread and butter, on to the BCO.

Maersk looks to be taking possession that direction, given its announcement in late Sept that Damco offer Chain Services and Maersk’s Ocean Product added services would be combined and marketed as Maersk product and services. within the same announcement, the corporate same that Damco’s Freight Forwarding business—which serves customers requiring air freight or multi-carrier ocean freight options—will still operate as a separate and freelance business underneath the Damco brand—a move that may alter the unit to focus exclusively on freight forwarding.

Swiss forwarding big Kuehne + Nagel cluster “gained vital new business in the main with its integrated digital solutions” throughout the primary 1/2 2018, it reportable in July. It handled two.289 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) throughout that amount, 172,000 over within the comparable 2017 timeframe, it reportable.

Forwarders, and to a lesser extent NVOCCs, usually don’t vie for major shippers’ underneathlying linehaul business as a result of those tariffs are set under terms of pre-negotiated service contracts. However, cookery smaller account business is quarry.

Maersk appearance to its dilated service offerings to bolster its annual come back on investment (ROI) to three p.c, up from the one p.c reportable throughout every of the past 5 years, same Vincent Cui, top dog, offer chain coming up with and added services for Shanghai, China-based Damco China Ltd., a neutral NVOCC. Damco, Maersk’s altogether closely-held third-party supplying firm, generates simple fraction of its annual revenue by providing added service in Asia, Cui said.


Carriers couldn’t commence such a significant modification of direction while not initial obtaining their capability house so as. tho’ it’s been a slog with peaks and valleys, they appear to be creating progress. A spate of ship alliances, mergers, and acquisitions over the past 2 years has reduced to twelve from twenty four the quantity of lines claiming world market share. this is often expected to yield higher in operation efficiencies, reinforce rating discipline, and keep shippers and BCOs from partaking in such price-destructive behavior as double-booking with none kind of consequence.

But there’s still a lot of work to try and do, with basic blocking-and-tacking at the highest of the list. A recent survey of shippers and freight forwarders by “Drewry Shipping Consultants” and also the ‘European Shipping Council (ESC) found that between 2016 and 2017, carrier performance fell in terms of the supply and quality of overall service. Respondents conjointly expressed dis-contentedness with worth. Carriers got higher marks for property and money stability.

Friedmann of the Agriculture Transportation Coalition aforementioned that, on balance, users can enjoy the carriers’ expanded  footprint by having a lot of service choices. “It’s not WHO is providing the service, however what the service is,” Friedmann aforementioned. Ideally, carriers can contend each on the vary and relative quality of their services, he said.

Larger forwarders shouldn’t be too involved by the carriers’ expanded  service initiative, Okan Duru, associate professor and director of the master’s in maritime studies syllabus at Nanyang Technical University in Singapore, wrote in associate e-mail. The reason, he said, is that freight forwarders management monumental volumes, and that they have the economic resources and savvy to blunt the carriers’ recent selling push that emphasizes commerce on to shippers and bypassing ancient 3PLs and forwarders.

In fact, carriers would be higher served determinant the way to higher accommodate shippers’ dynamical sourcing arrangements given their constant provide chain reconfigurations, Duru wrote within the e-mail. Often, which means a lot of freight emanating from lower-wage Asian countries like Vietnam and Asian country.

Carriers currently have full plates. they need begun pushing added services whereas fine-tuning capability to higher address unsteady demand handled by the newest generation of carrier alliances, that haven’t however meaningfully bolstered members’ profit. within the short term, “alliances exaggerate [spot] worth volatility,” aforementioned Gino Marzola, Singapore managing director/Ocean Shipping for Panalpina, the ocean- and airfreight forwarding large.

This isn’t the primary time that shipper have tried to increase their worth proposition on the far side sailings. previous efforts have yielded very little traction. Despite their insistence that this point is completely different, it remains up to the marketplace to guage whether or not it’ll worth the total vary of services offered by carriers seeking to become a lot of financially secure.

Know the advantages you’ll Attain By looking forward to Freight Forwarder

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If you’ve got associate export/import business and concerned in shipping staple from China to kingdom or anyplace, you’ll be able to be at liberty to hunt the assistance of the skilled freight forwarders as they need the experience to support and assist you in these activities. In case, you’ve got a consignment of products, be it finished product or raw materials that require to be resettled from one nation to the other; it’s the freight forwarder UN agency identifies the quickest or most economical routes. They even book necessary carriers or transportation.

CGL Network Freight Forwarder

The freight forwarders offer a portfolio of effectual services and have commendable skills in varied modes of transport and geographical areas. rather than choosing totally different agencies for distribution and freight forwarding services, you’ll select supply and transport operators as they’re additionally able to supply top-notch solutions at the most effective costs.

Freight Forwarder Services

This is needed by the bank for emotional the payment for product.

This is necessary to permit the products to pass via customs. it’s sometimes achieved by the completion of needed work, specific to every nation and creating the tax or duty payments needed.

Inventory management ensures that the right things are collected further as delivered and keep firmly.

This is needed to safeguard the products whereas transiting.

Freight Forwarder Advantages

Using freight forwarder, either directly alternatively via an organization, will save ample time and conjointly modify you to concentrate on alternative business areas. By victimization the abilities associate degree data of an skilled, you’ll have peace of mind as you’ll be assured that the products can reach the destination inside the stipulated time.

Many businesses believe they’re capable enough of saving cash by creating apt arrangements for international transportation. However, it’s usually a false economy. If you aren’t that fully fledged in conducting export arrangements, you’ll notice the task would consume plenty of your time and be costlier. Since the freight forwarders area unit specialized in managing the distribution on each day, they’ll guarantee to supply the simplest outcomes. If you’re searching for a reliable company to hunt help whereas shipping from China to the united kingdom, you’ll select the one has attained an excellent name for giving tailored services at the best rates.

Freight Forwarding – Noteworthy Facts

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Freight Forwarding is a generally utilized strategy identified with universal transport for individual and business use. The respectable organizations more often than not concentrate on transportation merchandise from one explicit goal to the next by utilizing wide-going bearers including street, sea air just as railroad cargo. Be that as it may, fathoming the system of cargo sending can be overwhelming, explicitly on the off chance that one isn’t comfortable with the whole task of delivery merchandise. In case you’re quick to acquire data on this subject, you better experience the accompanying certainties. 

Shipping Container | Services
  • Cargo Forwarder 

The cargo forwarders are in charge of transporting merchandise securely from one goal to the next. The organizations offering this administration for the most part represent considerable authority in arranging the whole methodology for the shippers beginning from capacity to appropriate delivery of the stock. They generally go about as the middle person inside transportation administrations and the shipper, liaising with changed bearers for consulting on the cost and settling on the quickest, solid and affordable course. 

  • The forwarders offer wide-extending administrations 

The cargo forwarders more often than not help with production network system on fluctuating dimensions including: 

1. Pressing and Storage 

2. Stock Management 

3. Protection and Customs Clearance 

4. Worldwide import and fare documentation 

  • Useful to Business 

Depending on a Freight Forwarding office for transporting merchandise to the client can be advantageous to the business in differed ways. By utilizing the best of their skill and information, the cargo forwarders guarantee that the merchandise arrive or reach at the best possible goal inside the stipulated time. By looking for expert help, you can spare sufficient when contrasted with completing the DIY assignment. 

  • They are not really in charge of the transportation delays 

Freight Forwarding organizations don’t assume any liability for the postponements in transportation. In any case, it is vital for you to realize that the great organizations scarcely hold any record of deferred transporting as they are sufficiently dependable and guarantee to give top notch administrations at the best rates. Henceforth, it is constantly prescribed to direct broad research in any case to pick a confided in organization among the heap of alternatives.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for street or International Air Freight Services, try to pick a Freight Forwarding Organization that has long periods of involvement in this field. Request proposals and decide on the one with a positive notoriety in the market.

Our Next Global Conference 2020

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  • 1.Good news From CGL Network- Registration for our 11th Global Conference have started. Hurry Up and Register yourself for the same.

    2. We are happy to introduce our New Member into CGL Network from India-KMS LOGISTICS & SHIPPING Pvt. Ltd.

    3. We have started our own new office at Malaysia under the banner of – CG Lines SDN. BHD & it will be handling all activities of Freight forwarding, NVOCC & CGL Network .

    4. Congratulations Universal Vision Logistics Ltd (UVL) for getting IATA Certificate & wishes them all the best for future.

    5. Planning to Start NVOCC Operations under the Brand Name of CG Lines.