NVOCC Network Benefits:

We have great pride / pleasure to start with our new set up i.e. Our new company Called – CGL NVOCC Network. It is under the group banner of CGL Network. And this new company has developed NVOCC network because we want to diversify it in different area.

The NVOCC Network 1st Global Meeting was held in Dubai from 30th November to 2nd December. We have put forth some of the best points in conference to which we have received overwhelming response.

CGL NVOCC Network Objective is to run NVOCC and that too with the support of all our members in various sectors. We have also received suggestion from each one with their views along with all the costing, freight, slots rates and local collection on import and export. By taking all this suggestion into consideration we have planned to Resume NVOCC Operations from 15th January 2019.

We would be Glad to know from each one of you that who all are interested to be Members / Participate in Nvocc Network.

  1. We require minimum of 25 containers from each company to contribute and run NVOCC.
  2. NVOCC Operation will resume from 15th January 2019. Refer Phase 1 opearation of NVOCC to know the NVOCC Route.
  3. Many Member have joined our Network. We also welcome new member who are keen to invest  and put containers in loop to operate NVOCC and may be increase members and fleet as well gradually.
  4. We have Nvocc software which is web base solutions and the same software can be used by all the parties for generating invoices & other important documents.
  5. To get B/L insured from insurance company.
  6. Setting up or finalizing yard in respective port location for placing empty containers and the tariff of charges to be provided in costing sheet in each location.
  7. Our target is to Build Inventory of 1000 containers over period of 6 months.
  8. Invoices to be generated directly from system so that there will be transparency in our business while running NVOCC.
  9. Meeting every 6 months in different location to discuss on developments and decide any of the action required from each side.
  10. Contributing some revenue to CGL NVOCC Network per container to run this network.
  11. Any other issue which we think require to discuss for Network.   

Please find below link, wherein you can find NVOCC Routes and Containers Overview

NVOCC Routes

Containers Overview